I've been finally watching all of Regular Show in order and I've made it to the end of season 6. It's really neat how much the characters have evolved over the run of the show, but oh god CJ+Mordecai keeps on giving me some bad flashbacks to a really bad relationship I had a while ago.

On the plus side, S6E28 actually finally addresses some of that, and it's clear that the writers were being deliberate and careful about a touchy subject.

regular show spoilersish 

Okay no they ended up like... oversimplifying it past the point of therapeutic benefit and they've just completely ignored the fact that CJ was a toxic/borderline person, and that Mordecai is just like... way too much of an appeaser.

And it was Mordecai who finally decided to call it off with her but then in season 7 they're portraying it as Mordecai was dumped by her?

regular show spoilersish 

maybe I'm just completely misunderstanding stuff or reading too much into things, I dunno

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