Things I woke up to today:
• the sound of the neighbor’s chickens clucking away
• an actual view
• two cozy sleepy kitties
• not having to limp down and up stairs just to feed Fiona

Also I’m getting gigabit internet! Current installer ETA is in two hours.

Werner has been pretty excited about the move through the whole process. Fiona was pissed and sullen and shell-shocked, but last night she started to warm up and now I think they’re both happy to be here.

I was worried that there wouldn’t be any fun hiding spots for them but Fiona has managed to do her thing anyway.

Also now they can curl up in the sun in so many more places!

I am so glad I made this change.

last night I was actually weirdly giddy to roll my trash bin out to the curb, and right now I'm lusting over retractable hose reels

send help

I just started the roomba up and Fiona's freaking out. I feel 50% bad and 50% like I should be recording this.

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