So this is my connection over wifi. When I get wired ethernet (tomorrow, hopefully!) it should be even better.

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@fluffy Neat : >
My wire can only hit 250/25 at best (when our modem doesn't go REEEEEEEEEEE) and wifi can barely hit 50mbit due to the amount of noise on 2.4GHz here (5GHz isn't much better either)

@finlaydag33k I live out in the 'burbs now and it's pretty amazing how little spectrum contention there is

(my previous place had like 20+ wifi networks visible)

@fluffy Here it's kind of a pain.
This is my 2.4GHz.
My wifi is on Ch13 (which isn't shown in the chart, hence why you don't see it) so that does eleviate the issue a bit.
Downside is that my reception here isn't great...
On my laptop it's fine but my phone seriously starts to REEEEEEEEEE

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