So I bought a Roomba and of course they all need stupid cloud setup to do their thing anymore. and I don't have Internet yet... but I did find my wifi router. so I just did the most bogglingly stupid roundabout way of getting it online: sharing my phone's 5G to my desktop over wifi, then sharing my desktop's wifi over ethernet, then connecting my router to my desktop's ethernet, then connecting my phone back to the router over wifi to run the Roomba setup.

Amazingly enough, it actually worked.

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@fluffy > of course they all need stupid cloud setup to do their thing anymore

Good grief. This is all so dystopic.

@clacke I mean without cloud setup they still work in the traditional push-button-get-vacuumed way, but the cloud setup is necessary to set a schedule and map boundaries and so on.

@clacke Yeah. It'd be nice if it could do all this purely on the local network, that said. Supposedly it DOES keep it all local, but it still gates the ability to set that up behind setting up wifi, and it only lets you set up wifi if your phone is on wifi, which means being online.

@fluffy Oh right, I missed that part. How are you even able to share to WiFi and connect to WiFi at the same time?

I've been frustrated with this "needs to be WiFi to be considered online" when I've been trying to play local games between two devices and you can't do it by just connecting one to the other's share, you need a third party.

People constantly ruining the innate p2p aspects of TCP/IP.

@clacke I’m honestly not sure how it worked! I *think* it’s because iOS has fancy multi path routing stuff that β€œJust Works,” like it’ll definitely let you talk to local network stuff while also being on 5G if the local network has no internet available. Which is nice in a lot of scenarios.

@clacke in this case I think I accidentally tricked it into working.

@fluffy could you not just connect it straight to your phone WiFi sharing?

@hulver that’s the first thing I tried, but unfortunately the app is either too smart or too dumb for that. It specifically wanted the phone to be connected to external WiFi.

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