During my current house hunt I keep on coming across houses which are best referred to as “Instagram houses,” in that the previous owners have poured a lot of money into them to make them perfect for Instagram instead of being a comfortable place to live.

Some of the listings have even been so blatant as to say “live the life of your Instagram dreams.”

Anyway it’s a thing to watch out for. I almost ended up buying one without realizing a MAJOR flaw: NO REFRIGERATOR

Like, there was a fridge but it was basically a fancy drawer fridge which is an expensive version of a tiny dorm fridge. Sure it looks cute and clean but it also means you have nowhere to put actual food. They hold like a bottle of ketchup and a six-pack.

And the home had nowhere to reasonably put an actual fridge.

I don’t know if the previous owners actually lived with such a dysfunctional kitchen or if it was a desperate pre-sale remodel. It felt like the latter.

So anyway I wonder how many totally adequate homes are being Instagram-remodeled and made useless and overpriced for the sake of cynical quick sales. It feels like a huge number of the ones which stick around on the Seattle market are like that, anyway.

A red flag to watch out for: a kitchen sink with a drain board. They look charming and fancy but have no practical purpose and waste a lot of space. And a LOT of the Instagram homes seem to have them.


Someone else ended up buying the house approximately thirty minutes after I backed out so it all worked out for the sellers, and the buyers are gonna have a fun time when they realize how messed up the kitchen is.

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@fluffy I have never been on Instagram, can you share some screenshots of this style of home and what they’re trying to emulate?

@warriorstar you’ll know it when you see it. Previous generations would have called it a “better homes and gardens” kitchen. It’s designed to look trendy and cool rather than to be functional.

Anyway here’s photos of the specific kitchen I noped out of.

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