I'm finally watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I find it really... bizarre that they'd have Gary Shandling, a Jewish actor, play a deep-cover Nazi operative.

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It's the MCU. Marvel has never been rightfully accused of having good taste

@fluffy Shandling took the role. So that’s more interesting to me. It was his choice to do it.

@jimgon It was a bit part/cameo that was on an ongoing cameo character in the MCU, and it’s pretty easy for Shandling to not have known the context of the words “Hail Hydra,” which was basically his only line. I've found it interesting to recently discover that nearly everyone on Hogan's Heroes was a Jewish or non-Jewish victim of the nazis. I'd heard a while back about the actor who played Klink requesting a contract provision guaranteeing that his character would never come out on top, but only recently discovered how much further things went.

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