Finally watching the ST Discovery season 3 finale and uh

why the heck do the turbolift transit paths take up so much heckin' space? Seems really inefficient.

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like I feel like the show decided to finally show what the workings of the turbolift look like for cool factor but had no idea how it would work and just like... didn't think anything through

like there's a reason Jefferies tubes are so small and cramped, bulkheads and decks are pretty tightly packed on starships!

also, bad guys really should learn not to insult Booker's cat

just sayin'

oh I see they were like... inside the Viridian turbolifts, not the Discovery's? okay that's a bit less annoying

st disco s3 finale 

although if they were inside the Viridian all this time and the empty space inside of it has life support then why the fuck was there the whole crisis with Discovery's life support or whatever

I'm having trouble following this episode

st disco s3 finale 

also gray's incorporeal corporality makes no sense in the one bit where he steps outside of the holodeck, why would he be able to see stuff that adira couldn't?

and I get the discovery crew not knowing about portable holo-emmitters but gray and adira totally should

@fluffy I think it's implied it's part of the new millennium retrofit?

@millenomi but the retrofit didn't make the ship bigger on the outside so why would it be smaller on the inside

@fluffy … I think the idea there was 'let's show that the turbolift in this century aren't on sliding paths with forcefields, but instead are on ad-hoc paths where the forcefields are projected by programmable matter' and then completely fucked up the space proportion in service to Book avenging his cat

@millenomi it annoys me how much of that whole sequence was Book and/or Burnham doing oneliners while giving everyone else openings where they could have just like headshotted them but didn't because of rule-of-cool

@fluffy yeah there was a LOT of empty space inside that ship. Guess they got tired of Jeffries tubes

@Andy_P I was also surprised at how much turbolift traffic there was during an active lockdown and insurrection when the turbolifts had specifically been shut down

@fluffy Yeah I wasn't really watching for technical stuff (like I do with The Expanse) but I sure noticed the turbolift scenes.

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