Hey folks I've added two more songs to my Stepmania pack and also done a bunch of little tweaks. If anyone wants to try it out and provide feedback (keeping in mind that I'm targeting it as a fitness regimen, not an ultra-technical staminafest) please let me know!

git.beesbuzz.biz/fluffy/sockma or fluffy.itch.io/sockmania

cc @Patashu and @CurusKeel


One more song, "Spooky," from the ...Or Die Trying soundtrack. fluffy.itch.io/sockmania (I can actually get an A- on the expert chart so I'm pretty sure it's playable!)

Also added some art for New Dawn, courtesy of @InspectorCaracal

cc @Patashu @CurusKeel

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The jam I "finished" this pack for is over but I'm still improving stuff. Particularly the artwork.

There's also a few places where I feel like the step charts could be a bit better but that can wait.

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