Somehow it took a whole year to get an age-restriction flag against my PokΓ©ball cannabis grinder video.

(I'm fine with it, I'd have marked it as not for kids myself if YouTube gave me the option!)

@fluffy For some reason, there's a lot of video settings that are only settable on desktop. You'd think they would make them symmetrical, it's only checkboxes.

@kumamushi like youtube gives you the option of saying something is specifically for kids, or something is not specifically for kids, but AFAIK no way of saying it's specifically not for kids.

@fluffy If you click the pencil/edit icon on uploaded videos, there's an Age Restriction (advanced) thing that expands if you click on it. It's likely a new thing though, since they introduced YouTube Studio.


@kumamushi oh, maybe. I don't upload to youtube often and it might not have been there when I did the cannabis grinder video. I thought I"d looked for it.

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