Meds (-) 

The first couple of weeks on Wellbutrin went pretty okay (probably because I started it at the same time as I started playing DDR again) but my insomnia has gotten progressively worse and yesterday my blood pressure started to noticeably spike and it hasn鈥檛 gone down since then. I feel like I鈥檓 dying. I am going to taper off this stuff.

Yet another failed attempt at getting my ADHD under control.

Meds (-) 

I am feeling really bad right now.

Antidepressant withdrawal fucking sucks.

Meds (-) 

I think it鈥檚 time to give up on finding a medical treatment for ADHD. Everything I try ends up with some dire side effects that make it very not worth it.


Meds (~) 

I think i"m past the worst of the withdrawal, and a couple hours ago I was able to eat dinner without it making an encore appearance, so that's nice at least.

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