Hey folks I've added two more songs to my Stepmania pack and also done a bunch of little tweaks. If anyone wants to try it out and provide feedback (keeping in mind that I'm targeting it as a fitness regimen, not an ultra-technical staminafest) please let me know! or

cc @Patashu and @CurusKeel

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In particular I feel like the leveling might be a bit off, and at the harder levels in particular some of these don't really feel like they fit the mood of the songs (esp. New Dawn)

@Patashu @CurusKeel

One more song, "Spooky," from the ...Or Die Trying soundtrack. (I can actually get an A- on the expert chart so I'm pretty sure it's playable!)

Also added some art for New Dawn, courtesy of @InspectorCaracal

cc @Patashu @CurusKeel

The jam I "finished" this pack for is over but I'm still improving stuff. Particularly the artwork.

There's also a few places where I feel like the step charts could be a bit better but that can wait.

@fluffy Delicious Candy DSP: LGTM. I think rerate to 7 for the yellow note + stepjump part that will wreck weaker players
Delicious Candy ESP: erroneous hand at measure 15 and rerate to 9, then LGTM
Delicious Candy CSP: Rerate to 10. Also, modern DDR 10s tend to not throw in full unbroken streams unless the rest of chart has a good consistent difficulty too - I'd suggest at the upper end of your charting range that you find syncopated and accompanying rhythms to fill out the rest of the charts

@fluffy so the kinds of people who'll enjoy the runs will be engaged by the rest too. Hit me up sometime and I can give you good examples of charts for inspiration

@fluffy New Dawn DSP: accidental hand at measure 12. I think measure 26 is tough enough to warrant bumping to 6?
New Dawn ESP: LGTM, fun. I think 8? doesn't do anything that hard or for that long

@fluffy Delicious Candy CSP - The 16th runs feel out of place considering the otherwise sparse nature of the chart. I think this could easily be charted as a 13-14 if the arpegiated synth at the start & the background melodies in the latter half of the song were more closely followed

Agree with Patashu, incorporating accompanying rhythms will help a lot with upper-end charting

@fluffy Delicious Candy ESP - that explains why the CSP is so sparse lol a lot of it is just ESP

The 8th step jump ya used in the CSP around measure 37 works better than the somewhat off 12th used here

Otherwise this looks v good, besides the unintentional hold-induced hand at measure 15 (maybe have the upper note freeze end around the down note and turn this into a simple crossover pattern?)

@fluffy Delicious Candy DSP - agree with Patashu, the yellow note + stepjump part is sufficently difficult to push the song up to 7.

Measure 21 has a left 4th note at the start that looks like an unintetional crossover/doublestep considering the surrounding patterns.

The triplet at measure 23 has an unintentional doublestep as well

@fluffy New Dawn DSP - interesting use of doublesteps and crossovers throughout the song, this definitely feels like a technical if easy chart. Bump to 6-7 for this, especially for the technically challenging measure 26

@fluffy New Dawn ESP - the crossover "backwalk" at the start of measure 8 is defintely interesting, though doublesteps if you actually do the crossover. Suggest LDRDULUR for this - it's something like the patterns I use in Chewinggood!! ESP. (A variation of this can be used for measure 15 - I can send a screencap to show it off)

22's DLD triplet I'd suggest changing to ULU for a chill spinless section if you do the crossover

Otherwise looks good, definitely an 8

@CurusKeel @Patashu Thanks for the feedback! I've dug myself out of my apocalypse-level malaise to make suggested tweaks and some other changes too, lmk if it's improved or what

also maybe the other songs need to be re-leveled?

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