antidepressant withdrawal 

I've been slowly discontinuing nortriptyline and the past week has been kind of difficult because a week ago I tapered down to 10mg/day from 20 and as usual I have a long heckin' elimination halflife and I've finally hit the threshold where the emotion shit is a problem and I'm feeling sick constantly

internet says best way to manage the withdrawal is with exercise but that's the last thing i want to do right now

antidepressant withdrawal 

of course the whole reason i was on nortriptyline was for fibromyalgia and it didn't really work for that, but it did help my anxiety a lot and i had a panic attack for the first time in a long time the other day and that didn't help matters

and i'm feeling a lot of stress at work right now and everything just feels bad

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antidepressant withdrawal 

mostly i'm just sad and nauseous

i mean more than usual

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