Gah, my home has mice. Or at least I've seen a mouse in my home office/studio. No idea how it would have gotten inside except maybe there's a wall gap in the kitchen that I didn't properly seal when I was doing my remodel.

Guess it's time for me to become a neat-freak or something.

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Of course this would happen AFTER Fiona stops being an avid hunter.

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Looking for mouse traps I can buy locally and downright annoyed at how so many of them are advertised as โ€œsafe for kids and dogsโ€ as if cats donโ€™t matter

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@fluffy Havahart traps are rather good live mouse-trapping setups (use peanut butter, maybe a bit of fluff for bait). But that does suppose you have a plan for what to do with the captured mice. (We were able to move ours to the detached garage.)

@Austin_Dern I just got the regular spring loaded kind and a couple of fancy โ€œno see no touchโ€ ones. I figure mice arenโ€™t particularly sentient and arenโ€™t the sorts to have rich and fulfilling lives.

@Austin_Dern also itโ€™s way more humane to kill them quickly than to have them slowly starve to death in a trap I forget to check.

@Austin_Dern oh and anywhere I could release them would just make them somebody else's problem

@fluffy Yeah, what to do with a trapped mouse is the big problem. For a good while everybody around here had the answer, "Give it to BunnyHugger", which is how she got overwhelmed with mouse care. Anyway, good luck with yours.

@fluffy you never know. At my last apartment, a mouse came up through the toilet. I nearly did one on the lil buddy. Mice are tricky.

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