Around 10 years ago I was talking tech with a libertarian who believed in the free market, and at one point he mentioned how much he liked how the cellphone industry was finally standardizing around micro USB as their power connector since it made his life easier.

"Oh, that's because the EU issued a decree that all phones need to use a common connector or have an adapter available," I said.

"Really? Well, now I hate it."

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@fluffy micro-USB might suck, but it's hella better than needing a proprietary adapter for every phone, which was the case before USB really existed.

@lyliawisteria yes, that was exactly what he liked about it... that now he didn’t need to juggle a bunch of separate adapters. And I was in favor of this too.

The thing is he immediately stopped liking it when it turned out it was because of government intervention instead of manufacturers coming together in an industry-wise hugfest.

@fluffy I take it you didn't get to mention that cellphone plans are cheaper and higher quality in the EU for similar reasons

@fluffy ^ is a better summary of "liberatarianism" than I've ever come up with :)

@fluffy The free market is cool and all, but a regulated free market is even cooler!

@fluffy Got to love that dedication to pointless ideology.

@fluffy aren’t libertarians just gems? πŸ˜‚ I was raised by Libertarian Mormons and it is so fun to talk to them about stuff like this.

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