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I have been maintaining the same levan for pizza dough for the last few weeks and it's developed an amazing sourdough aroma, even though I started it with commercial yeast. I suspect that leaving it out for several hours at a time has helped to cultivate some wild yeast as well though.

Also I used to use pre-made marinara but I've become a recent convert to raw/uncooked sauce made from crushed tomatoes, a little garlic, some red pepper flake, and olive oil. It's good.

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The raw sauce also works well as a pasta sauce if you heat it up and cook it down a little bit in a pan as your pasta cooks. I mean, if you're going to use the pre-made jarred stuff it's probably going to get heated up on the stove while you wait anyway, so why not make it fresh?

The recipe is literally:
* 1 jar of crushed tomatoes
* 1 minced clove of garlic
* half a teaspoon red pepper flake
* a drizzle of olive oil

You can add other herbs if you want but it's fine as is.

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