Getting another sleep study, hopefully this one won’t be as ridiculously flawed as the last one. It’ll be nice to know if I actually need a CPAP or not. I’m suspecting that I do, but either way it’s good to have actual evidence and not crappy bullcrap involved.

(The whole reason for this study is that I wanted to get set up with a DME provider on my new insurance and the doctor I went to read my history and was like “no, this is garbage”)

The room at Swedish isn’t as fancy as the one at Kaiser but the people are sure a lot friendlier and it has actual realistic amenities. No idea if they’ll let me play my usual sleep talkdown background audio (Kaiser didn’t, they claimed the iPad would “interfere with the equipment” and that it “doesn’t really help anyway” both of which are patently false).

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oh also it’s a sleep number bed, I hope I don’t end up deciding I want a sleep number bed at home

on the minus side oh my god these pillows suck. maybe they have better pillows I can ask for.

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Oh yeah so my sleep was worse than usual and I had a much harder time falling to sleep and I definitely woke up a few times throughout the night with what felt like apnea. So I’m guessing I’ll be going back on CPAP.

Also they only let me sleep 6 hours so I’m tired :(

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But they were totally fine with me using my iPad for the sleep talk down stuff. And I know it took me way longer to fall asleep because I actually made it through the whole hour of that, and was still awake for at least a few minutes after.

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@fluffy Oh, oof. Good luck and here's hoping it's a representative night's sleep.

If I remember right the pillows stank every time BunnyHugger went for a sleep study too. Her room had all the amenities, if by 'all' you mean it had a solitary An Art on the wall.

@fluffy Mine were imperious but honest about it. They unplugged my phone from where I'd set it, put it in the opposite corner of the room and plugged it in and said it was so it "doesn't make itself distracting"

@fluffy My phone interferes with sleep study equipment. And as I discovered much to the amusement of my coworkers and myself, so does a good, hard fart.

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