Living just outside of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone feels strange but good.

The neighborhood is the calmest it's been in years, and everyone is happy and coming together to help one another.

Shops are slowly reopening and people are greeting each other and wishing them a beautiful day.

The abandoned police barricades have become monuments of joy and art and healing.

I think things are going to be okay.

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I just got an email from my Trump-supporting aunt:

> I just read that your area (Capitol Hill, right?) has been turned into some kind of Antifa Autonomous Zone. I hope that you and your property will be safe. Please be careful. Many stores in my neighborhood were smashed up last week. Lucky for me, nobody came onto my street. Please stay safe and sound.

I replied:

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Right now the neighborhood is the most peaceful itโ€™s been in years. People are coming together to help each other out and a great storm has been lifted. People are smiling at each other and wishing each other a beautiful day. Everyone is helping each other out and bringing them food and supplies and making sure theyโ€™re cared for.


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The police are the ones who were making it scary. Every act of violence during the protests was started by them. It wasnโ€™t the protestors who were lobbing tear gas canisters and blasting everyoneโ€™s ear drums with sound cannons.


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Iโ€™m sorry to hear about your neighborhood being attacked by rioters and looters. Please be aware that those arenโ€™t practitioners of antifa. Antifa is about denying fascism and citizens mutually supporting one another. Itโ€™s about community and compassion and turning away hate.


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Forgot to mention, my aunt replied and it was quite nice!

> I'm so glad to hear from you and learn that your neighborhood is peaceful and that you are enjoying your community activities. Also sorry to learn that you had to endure tear gas and sound cannons. It's always hard to figure out what actually is going on somewhere.

Hopefully sheโ€™ll learn that Fox News isnโ€™t trustworthy. (Iโ€™m not optimistic.)

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@fluffy This is great to hear, do you mind if I follow you?

@Ratttz Thanks! I'm sure my aunt will just think I've joined a cult but whatever, she's been right-wing scum for years now.

@fluffy Sure, but I'm so happy that you provided her an opportunity to step away from being that. It takes patience and care to do that <3

@Ratttz I mean she also tried to convince me not to be trans and when I was advocating for my grandpa to have a peaceful, dignified death she started to get incredibly nasty at my mom for raising me with "death panels" or something and I'm just like, okay whatever Janet

(her name is literally Janet)

@Ratttz oh also when the pulse nightclub shooting happened she didnโ€™t care but when Obama gave his press conference in the aftermath she accused him of pandering

So I mean I have no love for her, but I hope she sees the love I have for others

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"I hope that you and your property will be safe"

Oooof. Priorities, huh?

Property as Cornerstone 

@cephie yeah, that definitely stood out to me :P

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