The Midnight Gospel is such a weird, oddly wholesome show.

I also wonder how they produce the voice parts, like is it just an extemporaneous conversation that they go back and record specific action lines for afterwards? Or are the guests supposed to method-act about certain things?

@fluffy the base of the voice is episodes from the duncan trussel family hour podcast, and then the lines that specifically tie to the on screen action were added (and I think at least some of them voiced by a different person!)

@hope Ah, I thought these were basically podcast-style conversations recorded anew for the show, but I've also not been at all aware of Duncan Trussel before this.

@fluffy yeah! I was wondering the same kinda thing so I looked into it :) glad to be able to share.

@hope @fluffy What a weird idea! Sounds great.

> he travels through worlds about to have their own apocalypses interviewing some of their residents for his spacecast

> These interviews are based on the real interviews derived from Trussell's podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. The episodes typically end with an apocalyptic event from which Clancy barely manages to escape.…

@clacke @hope yeah I had read the wiki page on it but it didn't register to me that they were basing it on edits of the original interviews, I thought maybe they were recording new interviews but then telling the guest "so, in this one, my name is Clancy, and you're a bird inexorably intertwined with an inmate's unending dharmic rebirth cycle"

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