The term "Social Justice Warrior" originally came from within social justice circles, in reference to people who join social justice circles with an all-or-nothing borderline view on things and try to pick up causes they don't understand, trying to be a Good Ally™ and getting clout in these spaces. They were generally reviled for it.

It's only later that trolls coopted the term and started using it in respect to anyone who cares about being good to each other for any reason.


It's also worth noting that true social justice is about *restorative* justice, rather than vengeance. Whenever someone does someone else wrong, knowingly or not, the important thing is to stop that from happening again, and helping to repair whatever damage is possible.

"Repairing damage" does not mean destroying the person who did wrong, especially if they've seen the error of their ways and are taking whatever steps they can towards rectifying the situation.

Another thing that always comes up in situations like the one I'm subtooting is accusers (rather than victims) being out for the offender's blood, and whenever the offender tries to defend themselves against the accuser (again, not their victim), the accuser then widens the accusations to DARVO, which gets incredibly messy.

DARVO = Deny Accusations, Reverse Victim and Offender. The term is *incredibly* specific and for very good reason.

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DARVO is: deny that something happened, and claim that the victim is making the accusations to hurt them.

Admitting that something happened, admitting guilt, and voicing frustration that the non-victim accusers are acting in bad faith to hurt/destroy the offender, who is already aware they caused offense and are trying to get better: this is absolutely *not* DARVO.

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Party A comes forward about something party B did to them in the past. Party C goes on a crusade to find justice for party A.

Party B admits that they did the thing A accused them of, that they now know it was wrong, and that they have worked hard to get better as a person, and that they do not begrudge A for having been hurt.

C continues to attack B for it. B asks C why they're doing it. C accuses B of DARVO.

C is stepping out of their lane and making things worse for everyone, including A.

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This is a pattern I see happen time and time again. This is what people are lamenting when they're speaking up against callout/cancel culture. It isn't about helping the victim, it's about punishing the offender. It makes the world a worse place for everyone, where nobody can learn from their mistakes because having made a mistake makes them permanently evil, and the taint spreads to anyone who has ever associated with the offender, regardless of context or timing.

This shit has to stop, people

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Also: If you are wondering if this thread is about a specific thing you have in mind, it is statistically unlikely, because this stuff is happening constantly now and I'm seeing this same pattern happen again and again and again, both to people I know and to people I don't.

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@fluffy It's the only kind of justice most people have ever known to exist, from real life and fiction alike. If it was easy to imagine alternatives, everyone would be a speculative fiction writer.

@fluffy people think they achieved non-carceral community when they stopped calling cops, but all they did was go back to posses and mobs. everyone a cop instead of no one.

@fluffy You should keep in mind that callouts are about keeping people safe from abusers and bigots. 👀

You don’t call out abusers to the people who will defend them and abuse and harass you. You call them out to potential future victims to keep them safe.

Bigots and abusers with large platforms seem like the only ones who push this narrative that they are being attacked, afaict. They are the only ones I have seen talking about this who think it’s all about them instead of about keeping people safe.

People who make these call outs get consistently abused and harassed. They don’t build up audiences. They are far more likely to lose them if anything. Fans of cults of personality don’t want to hear that their idols aren’t perfect and even making a few posts like this will get videos made directing hate mobs your way.

@slightlyflightyone I absolutely agree that in an ideal world, callouts would be used on serial abusers who need to be called out after they have shown themselves incapable of change and unwilling to improve themselves. But far too often I see mobs form around trying to get vengeance for something that happened once, 10 years ago, for which the offender has more than made up for it, or where something they posted was taken out of context and distorted into something it wasn't, or the like.

@slightlyflightyone And often (not always, but often) the people making these callouts are also doing it anonymously or under the guise of "trust me" or "I'm just trying to protect everyone" but are using mob mentality to destroy someone they had a disagreement with, or the like, and it's far too easy to get whipped up into a frenzy by people taking advantage of their good nature.

I think that all people fundamentally want to be good but it's too easy to be deceived into doing rotten things.

@slightlyflightyone Like. There's no single litmus test for whether someone is acting in good faith or not. You have to be cautious when it comes to things. The world isn't black-or-white.

All too often I've seen peoples' social lives and careers get absolutely ruined by what amounts to a misunderstanding.

And the people I'm thinking of aren't even "cults of personality," they're just people trying to live their lives while also dealing with abuse that they received, past and present.

ableism; sexual assault reference 

ableism; sexual assault reference 

ableism; sexual assault reference 

ableism; sexual assault reference 

ableism; sexual assault reference 

ableism; sexual assault reference 

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