It's always so weird and a little unreal to see places on TV that I've been

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul feel weird a lot


good thing things "in Seattle" are almost never in Seattle

@fluffy Vancouver. They usually film Seattle shows in Vancouver.

@storm Yep

sometimes other places too though, like Chronicle was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa

@fluffy The best one is Highlander, the TV series is set in Seacover.

Its Vancouver, but moved south to about where Seattle is so that its American.

@fluffy They did a sword fight ON THE SULPHUR PILE

@storm I've not actually been to Vancouver. I need to fix that someday.

@fluffy OKAY so there was this one CW show set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver and it almost worked most of the time. And then, in one episode, Mr. Detective Man referred to the university as "The U of double-you."

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