So I’m wandering around mostly looking for organizational accessories for my new kitchen and I saw the downtown Macy’s is closing down and has a 60% off sale on everything.

Even at 60% off they’re too heckin expensive. Maybe that’s why they’re closing.

Also before this I was at Sur La Table and it’s telling that they have so much stuff to pretend to be a chef but nothing for the organization or washing up afterwards. Nobody wants to be a stock boy or dish washer.

Anyway I’m at Daiso where I belong. They had storage bins exactly like I was looking for and only $1.50 each. Also a comically tiny whisk. I have to assume Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish) is responsible, somehow.

Still looking for a kitchen caddy. How is it the downtown bartells is so much bigger than the Capitol Hill one and yet has way less stuff?

I mean it’s probably because the downtown one also tries to double as a grocery store while the Capitol Hill one is next to a QFC so they can carry more non-grocery things.

Capitol Hill one had the sorts of things I was looking for but their selection was still lousy. Guess I'm going to Amazon and buying the one Barry Lewis likes.

and I guess for a utensil holder I'll just hold off until I see something I like at a thrift store, because gosh all of the ones I can find for sale right now aren't any better than the one I already have

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