looking for work, boosts okay 

I am a rather experienced software engineer who could use some means of actually supporting myself in the long term. Self-directed open source development and sporadic game development/music composition aren鈥檛 cutting it.

My resume is at and I mostly enjoy working on the service/backend side of interactive/social media stuff. I am not willing to relocate from Seattle at this time, but I would be absolutely fine with working remotely.

looking for work, boosts okay 

@fluffy I see you have previously escaped amazon. If you're open to considering AWS, I can vouch for Glacier as being a really great team with a strong culture of quality and team health. Ping me if you're interested (and I totally understand if not 馃榿). good luck with your search!

looking for work, boosts okay 

@evilchili that feels like a bit of a last resort :)

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