I’m feeling sleepy and I think I’ll take a nap on the cou....oh yeah

(The thing with the contractor got worked out-ish and the remodel starts tomorrow, as it turns out.)

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after this is all over with I'm definitely going to be getting rid of a lot of Stuff

because holy heck I have a lot of stuff I don't use/need/want

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how do I keep on accumulating so many water bottles

they're all nice ones but I don't need, like 20 of them

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I mean I know how I got so many and they are ironically from prior workplaces “waste reduction” incentive programs.

Like “we don’t want to keep buying disposable cups so we’re giving everyone a reusable water bottle.” And I am pretty sure I got way more of these water bottles than I ever got disposable cups.

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also love how while clearing out the storage under the sink I came across what looks quite a lot like mouse droppings, but I see no other signs of mice or any way that mice could be getting in or out

ghost mice I guess

or maybe there's a fun little surprise waiting behind the old cabinets

Show thread my brain is trying to figure out how to turn Ghost Riders into Ghost Mice. But my brain also does but want to do much of anything after two days of short sleep and work.

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