yikes, I just got the invoice for the impending work to actually get my kitchen installed.

The quote/estimate I got: around $2000.

The invoice: nearly $10,000.

That seems, y'know, *questionable*. All of the items on the invoice make sense and need to be done but why weren't these things part of the initial quote? I'd have probably gone a very different route with this if I'd gotten a reasonable estimate.

okay so I've asked the contractor to explain the various changes, both "why did this go up" and "why wasn't this on the original estimate" and his response was: "I’ll go through these presently addressing each one, and see if there’s anything we can do to trim it down."

Also as a correction, the original estimate was $2300 and the invoice was $9300 so it's "only" a factor of 4, not 5.

Still. Ugh, I really could use a heckin' paying job right about now.

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it's not like I wanted to get this damn remodel in the first place, but it's necessary. I was putting it off a lot longer than I wanted to in the first place. my kitchen is falling apart, my oven doesn't work, everything is terrible, all of my net worth is tied up in retirement accounts and this fucking condo that costs way too much to live in, and even if I wanted to sell it and move I can't do that until the kitchen is in working order

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I looked at so many alternate possibilities for how to do this as cheaply as possible without it being, like, garbage that would just fall apart again, and there were just so many ridiculous factors involved in how the kitchen works to begin with that made custom cabinets necessary, and I am absolutely incapable of putting in the actual installation work myself so I *had* to go with a contractor on this too

and I still have the countertops to pay for too

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the way things are going I'm expecting that after the kitchen gets finished I'll end up having to sell my home again, thus continuing the curse of the unenjoyable kitchen remodel; every time I've ended up having to sink a lot of money into a kitchen, I end up selling the place and moving just a month or two later. I was really hoping the third time would be the charm.

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Okay so the issue seems to come down to a miscommunication from the designer regarding some of the work items. Obviously I don’t want to screw the contractor over on anything and I think we can work out a mutually agreeable solution. Which will involve me still paying a lot more than I expected but it’s the designer (who’s already been paid) to be annoyed at, not the contractor. And to be fair the designer gave me a pretty good discount too so I’m still probably coming out ahead.

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Anyway my next steps are to finalize the contract and schedule with the contractor and start packing up all my kitchen stuff, so I’m gonna be busy tomorrow. Also gonna have to finally do some tidying up so I can have a place for my stuff and also set up a little temporary mini-kitchen with my portable induction burner and toaster oven. Plus figuring out where the heck to wash dishes in the meantime. Bathroom, I guess.

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