I want to watch the snow but I also want to work in my studio. Technology to the rescue!

(iPhone 6S recording a time lapse while sharing its screen to my old Apple TV which is also being intercepted by my Mirabox HDMI capture device.)

This is a variation on the setup I used during last year's snowpocalypse, although that time I was using 5KPlayer as the streaming target and used OBS Display Capture to capture it. This was fragile and slow and terrible and 5KPlayer installs a lot of crapware and takes over a bunch of file extensions so I'd rather not use that again.

And I'd upgraded to a newer AppleTV since then so I had this old third-gen one just hanging around anyway.

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I kinda feel like streaming this. Are there any streaming services which are friendly to unattended cams? I know twitch.tv frowns upon that and I don't think picarto is friendly to it either. I suppose YouTube Live might be an option though? Yeah I think I'll do that.

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okay I was having stability problems but I'v eswitched the stream over to my dedicated streaming laptop and it seems to be a lot better now. Of course the snow has stopped for the time being but feel free to watch the alleyway behind my home anyway. youtu.be/Ws7o7Q8esOY

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I ended up spending so much time tweaking my fucking stream that I never got around to doing the stuff in the studio oops

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the icing on the top is that there was only like 15 minutes of actual snow today (but the current prediction is that more will start at 9 PM or so)

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the stream is still up, incidentally. I wonder how long YouTube will let it run for.

oh I guess I should also make sure my iPhone has enough storage to keep going, if that shuts down the stream gets very boring

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Okay I shut the stream off for tonight. If it’s snowing again tomorrow I’ll start it back up. This was way less exciting than last year.

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@fluffy over here in northern bellevue it's been a proper winter wonderland since last night

@ky0ko I’ve heard that even the other end of Capitol Hill has been too. I wonder what weird weather pocket south Capitol Hill is in.

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