Fiona and I are at the vet, finally. The wait is an hour but at least it’s a familiar place and I know they’ll do good by her.

Usually the wait isn’t this bad but of course there’s a bunch of folks who put their things off too


Anyway she’s managing to stay fairly calm despite the stress of being in a chaotic waiting room with a bunch of dogs and cats and chatter

This has been approximately the worst day of her life.

(Actually she’s handling it way better than the last few times when we’ve come for regular checkups.)

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So far the vet tech says her heart sounds normal but the doctor will know better.

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The vet found nothing wrong! He says it’s probably just because of the dry winter air interacting with her asthma. I just need to start running my humidifier again.

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He did say it’s good I brought her in and I should bring her back if it gets worse but if there is a problem it’s probably with her lungs, not her heart.

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