Okay I'm not saying it was on purpose or anything but it's good practice for me to fuck up on a dumb thing and be called out on it in public and not feel the full wrath of self-loathing and rejection sensitivity. So, that's maybe an win?

I mean I'm still feeling a partial wrath. It's just not as bad as usual.

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mh ~, ha-ha-only-serious joke about self-harm 

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anyway this is why I used to have a "if I say something you know to be untrue please call me on it" pinned toot, which got lost when I was shuffling around between instances again. I really do mean it because I really need the practice after a long life of some REALLY bad habits instilled by a combination of less-than-great factors (undiagnosed ADHD, manipulative parents, not having learned tools/coping skills for a lot of things, etc.)

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