The joys of living this far north: getting to experience dusk at like 3 PM

I realize most folks in Europe experience even more of an extreme but I’m in the furthest-north major city in the US and second furthest-north in all of North America (beat only by Vancouver, BC, which is only slightly further north of here)

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So okay if you classify Anchorage and Juneau as major cities then Seattle and Vancouver are in fact south of them

Still, subset comes early this time of year and in the dead of winter we get like 6 hours of daylight and most of it feels like dusk

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Anyway note to self always double check easily-verified factoids that don’t seem quite right

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@fluffy you may want to check your actual daylight hours on Wolfram alpha or similar, then... ;-)


@artsyhonker meh okay 8.5 hours astronomically speaking but much of it isn’t what I’d call usable

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