I have once again been tricked into trying stevia without realizing it, and of course I tasted it immediately.

dear health people: stevia is not a sugar replacement, and I don't need things to watch my caloric intake when I already, like, budget for it and exercise and shit


dear food manufacturers: fucking label that shit. you're not doing anyone any favors by sneaking it in.

people who want stevia will buy it. people who don't DO NOT APPRECIATE having it forced upon them.

@fluffy Also, people who are allergic to ragweed are allergic to stevia. It's not a wonder replacement.

@kumamushi @fluffy When I thought stevia was the ONLY non-sugar sweetener palatable to me. (Well, it's palatable. Only it gives me hives and blocked sinuses.)

@irina @fluffy Yeah, they are both in the Asteraceae family, so it's not uncommon for people to have issues with both.

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