After some fiddling with PHP I got twitter preview cards to work, check it out

or not, I dunno if they work on mastodon

well it works on twitter and discord, I'll have to figure out why it isn't working on masto

@Gargron uhh sorry to at you but do you have a usage guide to preview cards? I'm using twitter's and that usually works

@hellojed Your meta tags aren't in the head of the HTML but in the body, that's invalid

@Gargron moving them didn't seem to work, is there another card format I should users?

@hellojed The meta tags look correct to me. I guess maybe our HTML parser just fails on that page.

@Gargron it is using a php script to generate the page, so maybe that's why.

@hellojed What generates the page wouldn't have an effect but invalid markup might. But if it still works with Twitter then I'd say it's something that needs to be improved in Mastodon too...

@hellojed oh it looks like you're using twitter-specific cards, most things use opengraph which twitter cards are an extension of

@fluffy I was wondering if there was another implementation of it, I was pretty sure but googling "preview cards" got me nowhere

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