Looks like lost his domain because he violated the FreeNOM AUP.

Looks like FreeNOM has already released it to anyone else who wants to register it for the low, low price of $0.

Oops, looks like between the time I wrote the above paragraph and this one someone else registered it.

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Oops looks like whoever registered it has it redirecting to somewhere else now.

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I wonder if anyone would have any suggestions for places it could be redirected, for this mythical registrant of the domain.

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wow this got a lot of attention, huh

um, if you're interested in my stuff i have links on my profile, and i wouldn't mind more people listening to my music at or whatever

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@fluffy I wish I knew who to thank for this wonderful capstone on my night. I guess I'll just have to be happy they're doing the right thing. :blobyeengrin:

@Pyretta I’m sure that occurred to whoever got the domain but they were just trying to do something expedient that didn’t require actually writing a webpage or setting up hosting that could be traced back to themselves. Not to mention they may have already been up well past their bedtime.

But who knows.

@fluffy ah, ok. Whoever they are should have slept on it, and besides it seems like they figured something good out.

@Pyretta if you know of a good existing privacy activism page to redirect it to, that would be good to know about.

@fluffy I'm afraid I don't: but i'm sure if you ask around some infosec person here or there will know of something good.

@fluffy I hope they don't want to run Masto in it, because it won't federate with anyone now.

@uxintro I am certain that is not the intent of whoever has the domain now

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