This flight boarding was weird as heck. Basically nobody was at the gate waiting to be let in and so they got to group C (back of plane) really quickly, and then only a few of us got on. Then group D was called and it’s the usual madhouse. Was everyone just asleep at the gate or something?

Also the flight has so many empty seats and I have this whole row to myself. Party time!

Unfortunately this one doesn’t have in-flight entertainment so I’ll be listening to music and napping, I think.


The inflight WiFi is free for t-mobile customers. the way they check to see if you’re eligible is just that you have to enter a valid T-Mobile phone number. It never says it has to be YOUR number.

@fluffy i have a valid t-mobile phone number :rey_thinking_dzuk:

@rey I just tried a bunch of old numbers I used to have, and then randomly went through my contacts list to see who I know on t-mobile.

@fluffy exchanging phone numbers with queer women: how i exercise my area code memory ("oh hey, you lived in the Bloomington LATA in 2005, i know where Indiana is") and ensure that i can haxx my way onto any airplane's wifi

@rey 404, Atlanta not found. *giggles.*

Also work in a call center and you'll pick up area codes quickly.

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