I found my MiniDV camera while cleaning the other day and I've been dumping my old tapes to disk. Most of them are recordings from a trip to LA back in 2006, but one of them is just me endlessly attempting to do an acoustic cover of Toxic before I'd worked out my arrangement.

every time I mess up the lyrics I'm like "damnit fluffy that's not how it goes"

also it's so weird to see my pre-laser-hair-removal perma-scruffy face again

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clearly I was intending this recording for *something* given that I specifically walk off camera and back on between each take but I have no idea what.

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anyway, I'm on the last tape now. It's entitled "epilogue" and it seems to be mostly me filming random textures around my home while shitty 90s covers of Led Zeppelin play in the background.

I have no fucking clue. Maybe I was recording b-roll for a music video I was working on?

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I mean the fact my shitty taste in music is playing in the background has nothing to do with the footage, it was just incidental.

ah, and okay yeah the song I remember this was for just came on with the camera pointed at various visualizers.

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there has got to be more than this on this tape though, it was a 60-minute tape and I completely filled it up

and there's no fuckin way I recorded 60 minutes of music video b-roll. I definitely didn't have that kind of patience in 2006.

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okay some of these things that I filmed I definitely knew what I was going for though and I'm half-tempted to actually cut the video now, gosh this brings back memories I'd completely forgotten about

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oh wow I forgot about that terrible vacuum cleaner

Moa 1 0 1

30 minutes in and it's still going

I do like some of the ideas I had for this and I had later rerecorded the song for an album release, and now I dig this retro lo-fi 480p video look so maybe it's time to finally cut the video

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okay and then suddenly, footage from a Santa Cruz trip. I *knew* I'd recorded some stuff from this trip!

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