local Arby's has a big bell on the wall you ring when you liked the service, and I never know if the workers like when you ring

@BestGirlGrace They always *say* thank you at the local Arby's, and at the A&W, although it's usually an excited kid who's really happy to be able to make a noise who's ringing it. Also excited kids making happy noises are a special kind of energy.

@Austin_Dern @BestGirlGrace Ever been to a Cold Stone Creamery? Their affected enthusiasm is downright *creepy*

@fluffy @Austin_Dern A friend of mine worked there in high school and it sounds awful. She had to memorize a binder full of songs.


@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern I've only been to one once, ever, and between the singing, the cult-like level of ✨joy✨, and the presumptuous sign saying "See you tomorrow!" on the way out I decided I'd never go to one ever again.

Then again I was also annoyed at how I ordered the least-sweet thing on the menu and it was STILL too heckin' sweet.

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern I was all like "blink twice if I should send help" and they were all "Oh my gosh that's so funny! Have a great day, now!"

@fluffy @Austin_Dern The cutesier the place, the less I enjoy it. Don't make me learn that "love it" is your word for medium. I just wanna exchange money for ice cream. You don't gotta put on a fake smile for me.

@fluffy @Austin_Dern Is there a shirt or a secret sign I can do that says "you don't have to be customer service nice to me, I get it"

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern yeah, there's also a Subway near where I used to work where the manager was like Obnoxiously Optimistic, like "How's your day going?" "Eh, fine, I guess." "Well let's try to get it ✨GREAT!!!✨" and he kept on trying to be friends with me and I just wanted my goddamn sandwich

I'd try to go there only when he wasn't out in front but whenever I got in line suddenly he'd be helpin' out the workers to make me my sandwich

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern and then I didn't go there for like two months and then the next time I went there was the Guidance Counselor Sandwich Artist who wanted to know why I hadn't been coming in anymore and I'm just like... I DUNNO

and I never went there again

@fluffy @Austin_Dern Man, I don't wanna go to a Subway that keeps trying to get in my head. You'd never get this at a Quiznos.

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern I know, right? I just want my footlong spicy BMT, I already have a therapist

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern oh he also always tried to remember what my usual order was and always got it wrong, so he wasn't even good at it

@fluffy @Austin_Dern Maybe he was trying to see if he could get you a new favorite, the Sandwich Artist Bullseye.

@fluffy @Austin_Dern Did you ever try the sandwich he thought was your usual? Maybe you'd have liked it.

@BestGirlGrace @Austin_Dern nah he usually thought it was the roast turkey or something similarly gross and slimy

@BestGirlGrace @fluffy The only time I've ever felt good about a non-business connection with a fast food worker was the woman clearing tables at Halo Burger who saw me reading a collection of Casper The Friendly Ghost comics and had no idea that her and her boyfriends' favorite childhood movies had also been comic books and now had this new stuff with a beloved character to look for.

@Austin_Dern @fluffy See, the rare genuine human connection is nice. I just hate the idea of participating in making someone be fake nice eight hours a day.

@BestGirlGrace @fluffy Never did learn whether they found the Harvey Comics reprints, nor whether the surprisingly elaborate and self-aware settings of those comics satisfied the things they liked about the movies.

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