Finally saw Detective Pikachu. It was fun. I guessed what the mystery of the dad was with the very first trailer and there were a whooooole lot of very convenient plot points but it was fun to see Pokémon in real life.

Okay looking back the plot was even worse than it seemed while my eyes were being filled with candy. I will post some extended thoughts although in a CW. I’ll try to stay away from any real spoilers but, you’ve been warned.

Detective Pikachu spoilerish discussion 

Detective Pikachu spoilerish discussion 

Detective Pikachu spoilerish discussion 

Detective Pikachu spoilerish discussion 

Anyway I’m still glad I saw it while it was still in theaters. There were a lot of great moments and it was a lot of fun even if the entire plot is pretty asinine.

Oh also, +5 points for at least a nod to having a diverse cast (and a mixed-race PoC in the lead role!), but -2000000 for bad racially-charged tropes, faux-Kanji typography, and a complete failure at the Bechdel test. (Did any of the women other than Lucy even have a name?)

Oh right, Ann Laurent, the tropey amoral research scientist, had a name.

And one of the female-presenting Pokémon has a surname, at least.

Oh, and there was the newscaster, and oh yeah Lucy actually talks to her about something OTHER than a man! Sorta. Technically. Arguably.

So it does barely, possibly, technically pass the Bechdel Test.


also actual spoiler for detective Pikachu 

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