okay because of this 'two wolves' meme I looked up the source and it looks like people are making fun of some cultural appropriation?

@fluffy i dont remember how good the sources i got this from were but. isnt it a thing that the white christian man who made it up flat out lied about the cultural origins, and in fact has attributed it to various groups but changed it when they told him to knock that shit off. colonialism!

@anonny125 even better. I didn’t feel like digging that far.

@fluffy @anonny125
honestly it's reached a point where if something smells culturally contextually-loaded, I try to avoid engaging with it unless/until I've seen enough to know whether "no, it's something Fresh and ok to be goofy on" or "No, that ain't groovy, knock that off"

@fluffy in these kinds of cases, I can never tell if people are making fun of white people appropriating other cultures' legends, or making fun of those original legends 🤔

I mean I find the "two wolves" memes funny, but I have no idea on who's behalf I'm laughing

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