Here's some of the music for one of the VNs I've been doing the soundtrack for. This track is entitled "Delicious Candy (Every Anime Theme Song)"

Although I'm not quite sure about the one-off modulation towards the end. I decided to change that tonight and it sounded good at the time but mmmmaybe it's a little too abrupt and unsatisfying?

Okay I moved that modulation to the middle chorus where it already has a hanging resolution, and restored the final chorus to the base modulation, which I *think* sounds better? Gah I dunno, I've been too close to this song for ages now.

oh wow ffmpeg sure compressed the shit out of this

Okay here it is encoded somewhat better and oh yeah I fixed some of the more egregious notation mistakes too oops

and I'm liking the way it resolves now I guess?


Ended up working on this some more today. It's funny how much I feel like polishing the music for this game given some meta stuff going on around it but I want to have something good to release somehow anyway.

also I keep on getting the feeling that I'm accidentally ripping off something

I mean other than every anime theme song (which is, of course, the subtitle of this track)

@fluffy yeah sounds vaguely familiar but that's the point right?

Nice pwm btw

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