@rey My biggest issue with the proliferation of video-that-should-be-text-files is that text files are way, way easier to search the content of and skip past the "hi guys how are you?" to the one thing I needed to know (which the video probably glossed over)

@fluffy @rey I depend on video for accessibility. Most of the contents of videos Iv watched for information I couldnt have consumed as text b-c it wouldv ran into my limitations to
* pay attn to, focus on, concentrate on text
* sit at the computer for long periods of time
* eye strain
* reflect on someone else's verbalizations & maintain concentration on that for longer periods of time
* attendance to the keyboard, exacerbating repetitive strain


@djenderesensjuelist @rey that’s fair, for instructional and tutorial stuff. But the problem for me is that I need searchable text and YouTube transcripts only do so much (especially when they’re auto generated).

Also I have trouble staying focused on most videos, and I’m usually looking for one specific thing that tends to get buried or elided.

FWIW I have severe RSI-related pain but find that pressing the space bar to scroll down isn’t very strenuous.

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