@KitRedgrave @weykent @hellojed any of you coming to karaoke tonight? Fibro has been kicking my ass this week and I need to allocate my spoons up front

@KitRedgrave @weykent @fluffy what time you all gonna be there? I'll probably be in around...9

@hellojed @weykent @fluffy i'll be there closer to 10. trying to get chores done before i go that'll be a while

@KitRedgrave @hellojed @weykent I'm taking off now-ish, should be there at like 9:45ish.

@fluffy @KitRedgrave @hellojed meanwhile i'm taking a shower and will be there in 30~40.

@hellojed @weykent @fluffy i'll drop by for a bit, but since weykent isn't feeling super up to it and they're only in town for little bit i'll go off and see them after like 30 minutes there

@KitRedgrave @hellojed @fluffy yeah sorry y’all I’ve been depression napping all day and I thought I’d be more up to going out after I got dressed

@weykent @KitRedgrave @hellojed aw dang. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to see you before you run off.

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