ok being stuck i a hotel room with shit wifi means i'm watching cnn

1. volvo s60 is "daring" for offering a "subscription" to their car and isn't that what a heckin' lease is?

2. cnn is STILL going on about that missing malaysian airplane? jfc folks


3. i switched to syfy because even shitty late-run futurama is better than everything else that’s on right now and why the crap is H. Jon Benjamin doing promo spots for Arby’s?

okay wow this joke about gay marriage did NOT age well

... or the rest of this episode which is basically a long series of Jew jokes


Although the joke about unlocking a portable computing device with one’s “lip print” was oddly prescient (accidentally)

@fluffy i think I've seen that episode (years ago) but i wasn't paying any attention to it? jinkies

@metapianycist back when it was new the sorts of jokes in it would have seemed innocently satirical but in 2019 they don’t seem very funny.

@fluffy The incessant Girl's Gone Wild cartoons made me just give up on trying to watch SyFy at night in a hotel room, even when it was more charming, early-run Futurama.

(I hope they've just stopped running those.)

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