Quincy, WA is a weird city. On the one hand it’s a tiny farming town of 7000 people. On the other hand it’s got some of the most massive data infrastructure anywhere, and between that and cheap hydro power they’ve had to place a moratorium on bitcoin miners coming to town.

“So what are you doing in Quincy?” you might ask.

Remember that AR company I am part of? We have a gig to produce a mixed-reality app for their farming museum. And the local high school class is now here to record parts for the live action portion.

My favorite interaction today: a kindly old beef farmer was telling me about the fact there are THREE fiber backbones that converge here, and when I asked about the bitcoin thing:

“Oh, I don’t know anything about the technology behind it but it sure sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.”

I thanked him and told him he was smarter than the people who think they know anything about it.

Anyway I technically didn’t have to come on this trip but I figured it’d be fun to take a vacation day and tag along. So far I’m happy with that decision.

Oh yeah the farmer said he took an opportunity to tour one of the data centers here and he was amazed that so many people would bother to store all the photos that they were never going to look at again. He saw it as pretty wasteful, and well, he isn’t wrong...

On the minus side most folks here are misgendering me and my business partners are just like... avoiding pronouns for me. But this is Trump country, so probably smart. Even though they’ve seen my glamour shot in the company brochure and such. Mehhhh.

Blehhh kindly old farmer just asked me about the video editing process and then told Spud, about me, “Be nice to this man, he has so much work ahead of him” and we both just kinda grimaced.

I mean I even bothered to wear makeup today what the hell ugh

The videographer just referred to me as “she” though, and he’s about as old as the farmer, so now I don’t know what to think. But the again he drove in from Spokane and they actually have a queer community.

Spud just asked “what the hell am I doing here? I have a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard for crying out loud.” I showed him this thread.

Anyway the film shoot is over and I had some fun chats with the videographer about gear. And here is one last photo from the venue. Moo.

Incidentally I haven’t lived in a farming town in 15 years and this is pervasive smell is all too familiar.

This is the weirdest bar band I’ve been subjected to this week.

Two guitars and a tuba playing mariachi music.

This tuba player is really shredding. Somehow.

The WiFi at the hotel has taken an enormous shit. So I’m stuck getting online through my cellphone. What a time to have decided to switch to a metered cellphone plan.

Oh yeah so spud said last night there was a representative from Microsoft there and she was looking at our brochure and saw my glamour shot, then looked back at me, then back to the glamour shot, and was clearly trying to come up with a question to ask. So spud interjected, “She’s a great resource,” and her response was “oh! Yes, I love seeing women in tech.”

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