After this first night on the new brain med I feel like I’ve been shipped around the world by freight on a bus driven by Fred Armisen. Which was one of many parallel threads of some very weird dreams I had.

In one thread I was Amethyst in a very special live action episode of Steven Universe and in another I was Rouxls Caard from Deltarune and in another I was unpacking a special 6-hour edition of a Casper movie box set which came with THX-certified surround speakers and I had too much stuff

In another thread I was in an IRC chat with everyone I knew in my life and I was dealing with Feelings about a difficult time I went through and @ElectricKeet was there but didn’t remember any of the important stuff

Also I had a big stash of unreleased commodore stuff and several broken CRT monitors and nowhere to put anything and setting up the speakers would have required rearranging everything but Fred Armisen was late and I needed to form Opal and Zach Callison was played by Frankie Muniz

somehow I was also convinced I was awake during all of this and I was aware of every one of my apnea events


Oh and @Azure was there too, mostly to encourage Rouxls Caard by criticizing their puzzles (nobody liked Rouxls)

The Steven Universe thing started out in the Wild West but then we ended up fomenting a labor uprising in south San Francisco, but Greg and I had some awkward conversations especially about Steven but also our hoarding problems. And then there was a big battle scene that required Opal but pearl was dead so Amethyst had to do it all alone while being bombarded. And she held on through pure force of will.

It felt like a very me sort of on-brand hodgepodge clusterfuck

Anyway now Fiona is meowing at me for using the glowy square and keeps licking my armpit so I’m gonna try to get another hour of “sleep”

Ended up having a depressing dream about a homeless deaf girl who ends up going blind too, drawn in the style of Regular Show

My brain sure is

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