wow it turns out that the pain of having had a TDAP vaccination doesn't get far overshadowed by my chronic pain, instead it multiplies it

i don't wanna move at all

Anyway it hurts to type but what else can I do

Tomorrow morning I’m gonna try to schedule a sleep study because I’m pretty sure I have central apnea and it’s getting pretty frustrating and it might even be the root of a lot of my fatigue and pain problems

Woke up from a bad dream in which I was somehow convinced to take a job at amazon AGAIN and I was tasked with doing some sort of weird oncall prep which involved drilling out a wooden enclosure so I could roast a chicken wrapped in duct tape as a quick body fuel meal during my 3 AM wake up calls and then I was given a trivia lesson in the elevator and I’m just, I’d rather be sleeping productively, brain

Oh and I still hurt all over, plus in all new places which somehow didn’t count as all over before

I’m guessing I probably won’t be doing any of my usual Thursday night socializing this week

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