I scored 43 out of 55 and I'm feeling very called out right now.

@wohali pretty much the only ones I didn't mark were the ones about financial instability, because I'm 40 and like on the little transitional cusp between gen-X and millennial (but I definitely identify way more with millennials despite having the remnants of the last gasps of what little advantage gen-X had).

@fluffy just a little older than you, and i def. identify way more with the younger crowd too, but I know what you mean. I did mark a few of the financial ones b/c of times in my past.

It kinda just felt like...reinforcing millenial stereotypes vs. *actual* characterization of millenials.

Either way it's very unsettling how common these things are.

@wohali Well most of the things are things that my sister (who is only 3 years older than me) criticize me for.

@fluffy Well, as someone ~4-5 years older than you, blame your sister, not her age. ;)

@fluffy too exhausted to take an internet quiz 😔

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