Hey folks! My Atom/RSS to WebSub/WebMention bridge is almost ready for use! Check it out at

The docs need a lot of work but the basic functionality is there.

Pushl 0.1.0 is now released on PyPI. Feel free to check it out!

@fluffy does oen even make an rss anymore

i had someone ask me recently if hte site had one, and ever since ohnorobot went down its like.....nope

@hi_cial What do you use to publish your comics? Chances are you already have an RSS or Atom feed somewhere on your site, it's just not discoverable.

@fluffy im....using...... manual changes to custom written static html......every time

@hi_cial Wow.

Um, then, no, you don't have an RSS feed. :) There might be some services to automatically create one though. I know Comic Rocket can generate a very basic one for you.

@hi_cial You might also want to consider a more comics-focused CMS than hand-written static HTML pages, just because it makes your life easier for a lot of things.

Grawlix seems pretty good.

@hi_cial I mean obviously I'd love more people to use Publ as well (which is the CMS I wrote to run my entire website) but getting going with it isn't the easiest thing (especially if your web host only supports PHP).

@hi_cial well, if you're doing that, there's some extra markup you can do that will at least make it so that automated converter things can generate an atom/rss feed from your HTML although I mostly don't like how they work personally

oh althouhg a thing you could do is make a simple atom feed that just links to the latest page and that you update manually

@hi_cial ...except you don't have a permalink for the current page. Wellp, hm.

@fluffy is the github wiki the main documentation for publ? I might give it a go (though I don't know python so any PRs I make would be very limited)

@darius also the site’s files sort of document stuff although I need to get around to updating the public versions of my site’s templates which have changed a lot since I last did a release.

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