like if the whisk key is taken and the paddle door is cloesd tight there's a 50% chance that someone's taken the whisk key into the paddle bathroom - and then the next person takes the paddle key and ends up walking in on someone else, making for a very bad time for everyone.

An easier solution would be to do something like they do at Ellot Bay Books, where there are two keys which open both doors, and then inside the bathroom is a deadbolt that has a visible "occupied" sign outside.

It's still not perfect but it covers almost all of the mishap cases, except for the one of someone locking a key in the bathroom (and this is still a thing that can happen with the current setup anyway).

Anyway please consider this simple change to make it safer.

like the current signage simply DOES NOT WORK, it's too subtle and so only people who have already been trained on the door situation can use it correctly. People get confused *constantly* and both long-time customers and your baristas are pretty sick of it.

So on the plus side they finally fixed the door today!

On the minus side it looks like in the meantime they had updated the signage as an ajar door warning but never bothered to understand the problem of getting the CORRECT key. Which was the main issue.

Like the issue wasn’t that people were entering without a key but they were entering the paddle door with the whisk key, still leaving the paddle key outside and thus the room intrudable. Which is totally non-obvious.

I also feel like the verbiage on the signs is hostile.


Still. It’s fixed. Thank you!

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