also yo.

if you know anyone who's a #creator targeting the #fediverse / #dweb / #indieweb, lemme know! I'd like to learn more about them and see if I can help promote their work!

@fluffy @jalcine I love the style of it - have you looked into adding microformats and webmentions? can help, and is there if you want to talk indieweb

@KevinMarks @jalcine microformats are easy to add via templates, haven’t looked into webmentions specifically yet but it’s on my radar yes

@KevinMarks @jalcine its all a work in progress of course and I’ve been mostly focused on the β€œgetting content online” aspects so far. Also I’m not entirely clear on the best way to reconcile webmention stuff with not having a permanent store for things that aren’t directly content-related.

@KevinMarks @jalcine like the easy way to implement it would be to just send out a mention any time the content file gets indexed and to send any incoming mention to an email address but that would get real spammy real quick. But I want to avoid making a persistent database or filesystem important since that opens up a bunch of deployment opportunities and simplifies migration.

@KevinMarks @jalcine and at least on my main site I opt to just use disqus for comment stuff but I don’t think disqus supports webmention as a recipient. It feels like this is a thing that should be handled by an external service to me.

@KevinMarks @jalcine anyway this prompted me to finally put some formal thoughts down about it, at - feel free to join in on the issue if I've completely missed something!

@fluffy @jalcine could also try as separate service

@KevinMarks @jalcine Ah, neat! That simplifies things a lot yeah.

I don't mind relying on external services for social stuff (see also my reliance on Disqus for comments) so that's certainly suitable for me.

@fluffy @jalcine bridgy is good at gathering replies from twitter etc, and has ways of sending them too, but you still need a webmention endpoint for bridgy to call

@KevinMarks @jalcine okay I just found which looks really easy to set up :)

@KevinMarks @jalcine and the reason I was looking at bridgy was because it seemed like they provided an endpoint to use with disqus (which is already what I use on my website) but its documentation seems to focus on one-click install for existing hosted services and isn’t immediately obvious how to integrate it into a new bit of software.

@fluffy @jalcine ask snarfed about it at - indiewebcamp NYC is on today and tomorrow so lot of indieweb dev going on

@KevinMarks @jalcine thanks, this is a bit too intense for me on a low-spoons day though

@fluffy @jalcine no pressure meant - indieweb is there when you are ready.

@KevinMarks so hey, with the h-card microformat, is there a way to either specify "get this from another URL" or to put it onto elements that won't be visible on text-only/non-CSS browsers? I still try to make my sites work reasonably well in lynx and w3m :)

@fluffy does display:none work in lynx? You can use abbr or data elements to create hidden attributes, but it's preferred to use visible ones if possible. There is also the indieweb authorship model so you don't need to put a full h-card on every post. Also for when you have multiple, but one is key.

@KevinMarks lynx doesn’t even know what CSS is.

I’ll check the authorship model, thanks! Wish I’d found that in any of the indieweb things, before I’d plumbed all my hcard junk through my templates. :)

@KevinMarks okay wow that is confusing as heck. Can’t I just declare an appropriate <link rel> to an XML doc and call it a day?

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