Wow there's a huge influx of newcomers! I guess it's time for some again.

I'm fluffy, and I used to be a software engineer until I got severely burned out and now I just want to make music and comics and games and stuff. My basic mission is to bring joy to people.

These days I'm mostly composing OSTs for other peoples' games. My website's at and I always appreciate people supporting me on Patreon or Bandcamp or whatever.

Anyway, nice to meet you!

Oh and I do screen my followers for various reasons but the bar is pretty low; basically just be a decent person.

If you haven't posted much I might wait before approving you though. It's nothing personal! I'm just here to connect with lovely people, not to gain Massive Viral Mindshare or whatever.

Also feel free to follow @fluffy where I mostly post when I'm self-medicating.

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