On Monday the entire Sky TV network, BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4, the entire ITV network... The main bulk of the most popular TV channels in the UK, will be honouring the Queen in broadcasting her funeral.

Channel 5, one of the five 'original' broadcasters in the UK, and one of the most popular, will be honouring her late majesty another way

🎸🎶I LOOOOOVE READING BOOKS! SO WORLD ANOTHER DISC IN THE JUKEBOX BA-BEY!🎵🎺 On our newest episode of DISC COVERERS, we're covering SOUL MUSIC! Hope you're ready for a ton of Blues Brothers references... anchor.fm/discpod/episodes/16-

@DelphineUnseen Perhaps. But that doesn't mean that you are currently in the line, just that you can be put in it if they decide to change it.

@DelphineUnseen This is not actually true; to be in the line of succession you have to be a *descendant* of Sophia of Hanover. (There are further stipulations, but that's the big one.) This limits the line significantly.

The best part of preserving hot peppers is when you accidentally breathe in aerosolised capsaicin.

My ''On balance, Oliver Cromwell was mostly shit, but I do agree with him on one very important topic" t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my t-shirt.

The brands are truly on a roll tonight but these are my two favourites so far

@cassolotl Alerting devices are also a fairly well-developed area of technology, with specialized audio (using frequencies and volumes that are more likely to wake a hearing impaired person), bright lights, and tactile (vibration or shaking) being the broad categories.

@cassolotl Deaf people use relay services to communicate over the telephone network (usually to a human operator who translates text <-> speech, but automated systems have also been tried.) This used to require a specialized teletype device that you connected to your landline, but nowadays there's a vast array of options like computer apps, bridges to standard text messaging services, or video connections to sign language interpreters.

Time to start reading _Soul Music_ (Discworld #16) by Terry Pratchett, so that I'm prepared for when the next episode of @discpod comes out. This is one of the books that I barely remember; my only impression is "_Moving Pictures_, but rock and roll."

(I also seem to recall an Elvis/Elvish joke being repeated approximately two hundred times, but that's probably an exaggeration. Probably.)

spoilers for _Book Boyfriend_ by Kris Ripper 

This book deeply frustrates me. Everyone in it is a terrible person, but the viewpoint character is the only one who gets called out for it. The author seems more interested in telling us how toxic the idea of Grand Romantic Gestures is than ze is in showing us. I always find "this could be solved by either character saying one sentence" irritating, but it's worse when all of the narrative blame for not saying that sentence falls on one of them.


Scientists are out here like "this moth definitely doesn't fuck."


Hello, I'm not a particularly high-volume poster, but you can expect to see very occasional activity about whatever my current hyperfixation is, gardening, system administration, cooking, and animals cared for by my sisters.

New instance time, I guess. I'm going to miss cybre.space.

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