make a w*ndows bootable usb with dd? no no no! you have to mount the iso and copy over the files like a peasant!

Buying piles of clothes for Gender Reasons~? Yes
Being to chicken to wear it until i have my feet somewhere safe? also Yes

(getting up on my chair) there is nobility in transness! accept nothing less!

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revolutionary idea
instead of bashing your head against the problem deep into the night
go sleep

#free #frei #libre #自由 #じゆう Are you bilingual and would you like to see the FSFs free software resources in more languages? Email and join the translations team. It's the most effective way to bring free software to the world.

compiler flag -Wall is called that because it produces a wall of text

me: *says the word houses*
my brain: "actually its hice"
me: "NO"

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